Renton was founded in 1901 by Erasmus Smithers and at that time was considered a Wild West frontier town. Renton has come a long way since muddy streets and covered wagons, yet continues to take pride in its rich history. Coal mining fueled Renton’s early economy until the 1940’s when the Boeing Company arrived and World War II demanded mass airplane production. Due to Boeing’s prominence in this community, Renton has been appropriately nicknamed the "Jet City of the World".

Renton is located approximately 15 miles Southeast of Seattle and 6 miles from Seattle-Tacoma international airport. The Cedar River flows through Renton, with the public library literally on the river offering fabulous views of salmon nipping at flies. The legendary Jimi Hendrix is buried at the Greenwood cemetery where tourists come to pay their respects to this famous musician.

A large number of the residents of Renton are employed by Boeing or work for companies relying on Boeing’s success. These residents are very involved in developing quality education and preserving their historical past. 2001 marks the celebration of Renton’s centennial anniversary and the community is invited to share memories of Renton from decades past. If you are looking for a rather quiet, quaint and affordable environment, close to Seattle and its international airport, Renton may be the place for you.

Rental Housing
Rental housing in Renton is comprised of smaller properties close to the city center and larger, more modern apartment complexes surrounding the city. Renton tends to offer less expensive housing compared to the neighborhoods closer to Seattle. Rental prices range from about $.80 sq/ft to $1.20 sq/ft. For people working south of Seattle or Bellevue, this community can be an excellent choice of places to live. People commuting to the Seattle or Bellevue area need to be prepared for a difficult commute during rush hour.

Fun Stuff
Renton recently welcomed Cedar River Brewing Company, an upscale brewery offering tours and savory pints. Lake Washington and the Cedar River provide terrific recreational activities including boating, swimming, biking, jogging, or for a mellower activity, a relaxing picnic on their tranquil shores. The Renton Historical Society offers exhibits of the Duwamish Indians, the earliest descendants of the area, displaying their photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia.