Crown Hill/Loyal Heights

Average Rent: $$

Primary Housing:


Small Apartment Buildings

Medium Apartment Buildings



Single-Family Homes

Commute Times:

Downtown Seattle 15-20 minutes, 30-50 minutes in traffic

Located just north of Ballard, the Crown Hill/Loyal Heights area of Seattle is an established neighborhood consisting primarily of single-family homes developed from the 1940s through the 1970s. Single-story, ranch-style homes are the predominant architectural style reflected in this area. Reaching down into Blue Ridge, this area stretches to the Puget Sound and features many beautiful homes that look over the water towards the beautiful Olympic Mountains to the west at sunset.

With the exception of homes with expansive views, rental housing is very reasonably priced and is a little less expensive than Ballard to the south. While single-family homes are most prevalent in these neighborhoods, there are options for reasonably-priced apartments and condos.