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Originally Bothell was a swampy, lushly forested area inhabited by the Simump Indian Tribe. David C. Bothell arrived in 1889 and in 1909 became the founding father of this community at the north end of Lake Washington. Lumber and shingle production fueled the areas early economy. In recent years, Bothell has become a major regional employment center consisting of companies from various industries including high-technology and biotechnology.

Bothell is located approximately 12 miles north of Seattle and attracts residents desiring close proximity to Seattle, with the appeal of a small town community. Bothell greets you with a welcoming sign "Stay for a day or a lifetime". The Bothell community holds an avid interest in maintaining their historical landmarks dating back to the late 1800’s. The Sammamish River runs through Bothell and provides trails, parks and fields for recreation purposes.

Residents of Bothell share the desire to maintain a small town atmosphere and the benefits of a relaxed lifestyle. Young families are attracted the Bothell for their excellent schools and affordable living. In addition, the rapid growth of the business sector has brought thousands of people to Bothell in recent years. With the University of Washington expanding its campus to Bothell, residents are looking forward to the cultural enrichment it will bring.

Rental Housing
In recent years there has been an explosion of apartment development to meet the demand created by Bothell’s business growth. Rental prices are more affordable than in the neighborhoods closer to Seattle. Many people who work in Seattle and on the eastside of Lake Washington choose to make Bothell their home for this reason. Rental prices generally range from about $0.90 per square foot to $1.35 per square foot.

Fun Stuff
Bothell landing is just south of the city center and serves as the riverside recreational and historic site with a playground for kids and a pedestrian bridge to the Sammamish River Trail. The Bothell Historic Museum is a landmark considering that it was the first schoolhouse, built in 1885, and includes a log cabin on site. The Country Village offers excellent dining opportunities and 40 shops including antique collectibles, gifts, clothing and other items

Average Rent: $$$

Primary Housing:

Small Apartment Buildings

Medium Apartment Buildings


Single-Family Homes


Commute Times:

Downtown 10-15 minutes

Eastside 35 minutes, 45 minutes with traffic