The Belltown area is located in the north end of downtown Seattle, north of Pike Place Market. Over the past ten years, Belltown has made a name for itself as a stage for local talent. Clubs like the Crocodile Café on 2nd Ave. spotlight local bands, making Belltown an area that draws a crowd to its hip and diverse nightlife. More sophisticated bars/restaurants like Axis and Flying Fish offer a variety of foods and spirits, always drawing a crowd in the evening hours.


The Belltown neighborhood has recently experienced a rebirth, becoming one of the new, trendy areas in the city. Much of the growth in this area has been fueled by growth in the high-tech industry. A number of new, amenity-rich apartment and condominium properties have recently been built with many others in various stages of development. Companies such as RealNetworks and Immunex have redeveloped properties for their headquarters in this area. Also a number of new, "chic" restaurants have recently opened in this neighborhood.

Pike Place Market, made famous by their vendors throwing fish in many national ad campaigns, borders the southern edge of Belltown and continues to be one of Seattle’s most popular attractions. Farmers Market is a haven for local artisans to display their wares - from the freshest produce in Washington to the most unique handcrafted silver jewelry. The Belltown district is also a hub for Seattle’s nightlife. Many of the popular bars and music clubs reside in a labyrinthine-like walkway known as Post Alley. Among the most notable is Kell’s, a traditional Irish pub offering a wide-selection of food and spirits, in addition to live Irish music. Belltown is home to many of Seattle’s posh restaurants like Flying Fish, Brasa and El Gaucho.


Belltown is a hodgepodge neighborhood: By day, high-tech professionals, urban condo dwellers and office workers share the sidewalks with panhandlers, homeless and low-income residents; by night, it transforms into a bustling mecca for the city’s hottest clubs, bars and restaurants, along with its own very hip artists and musicians.

Fun Stuff

The Belltown Theatre Center was founded in 1992 and continues to produce new works, in addition to offering acting classes. It occasionally showcases performances by other theatre groups.

The original Cinerama was built in 1963 and was most recently purchased and restored to its original condition by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen. It was reopened on April 23, 1999, and has been attracting huge crowds ever since due to its technologically advanced sound system.

Average Rent: $$$$

Primary Housing:

Medium Apartment Buildings

High-rise Apartment Buildings


Commute Times:

Downtown 5-10 minutes

Eastside 25 minutes, 45 minutes with traffic

The Belltown neighborhood is located adjacent and just north of what is considered "Downtown Seattle". This area of our city offers some of the best options for "in-city" living. Belltown has experienced some of the area's highest concentration of new condominium and apartment development.

Properties for rent primarily consist of apartment units in newer mid- and high-rise buildings, as well as privately-owned condominium units for rent. Many of these buildings offer the highest levels of amenities and concierge services in the area. With the combination of its location adjacent to Downtown, its close proximity to many of Seattle's finest restaurants, its newer high-rise and its views, many of the units that are available for rent in this area are among Seattle's most expensive units.