In the 1880s, Fremont was actually a lumber-mill town. During the Depression, Fremont was where the down-and-outs settled. This proved irresistible in the 1960s to hippies and bikers, and today Fremont’s charm attracts a diverse crowd from professionals to local artisans. For more info on the history of this area, visit the Fremont page of


When you see the "Welcome to the Center of the Universe" sign, you know you’ve arrived in one of Seattle’s most eccentric communities. Fremont lies north of Queen Anne, across the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The heart of this area is located at the intersection of Fremont Ave, 35th Street, and Fremont Place.

Funky, artsy, and bohemian are the best words to describe this self proclaimed republic. Specialty boutiques and retro clothing stores are interspersed with a great mix of restaurants.

One of the most charming aspects of Fremont is the eclectic collection of art tucked away in every nook and cranny. The infamous "Fremont Troll" awaits visitors underneath the Aurora Bridge, and Fremont’s controversial "Lenin" statue stands on a corner near shopping and restaurants.

The "Waiting for the Interurban" statue gets decorated by locals for football games, birthdays and other events. Look for the sculpture to be dressed in purple and gold when the University of Washington’s Huskies are playing in the Rose Bowl.

At we’re a little biased when it comes to touting the virtues of Fremont -- our offices are located here just across the street from the “Center of the Universe” sign.

Fremont’s population is a mix of primarily artists, students, and young professionals. With the recent addition of high-tech business growth in the area, a large number of high-tech employees have become residents of the bohemian neighborhood.

Fremont is centrally located with excellent access to the freeways and Downtown. Demand for rental units, especially from local residents is very strong and units go fast. Apartments in Fremont rent for approximately $1.00/sq. ft. to $1.50/sq. ft.

Fun Stuff
Local artists can be found on Sundays at the Fremont Market. The Fremont Market is a great place to find unique, hand crafted gifts for family and friends.

In the summer, Fremont hosts a movie-going bonanza in the evenings at an outdoor parking lot. All you have to do bring is a chair and a donation and you’re invited to watch the movie projected on the wall of Adobe Systems.

Average Rent: $$$

Primary Housing:

Small Apartment Buildings

Medium Apartment Buildings


Single-Family Homes


Commute Times:

Downtown 10-15 minutes

Eastside 35 minutes, 45 minutes with traffic

Although it is a relatively small geographic area, there are a large number of rental units in this neighborhood. The housing is primarily made up of three groups: small to medium brick or stucco apartments that were crafted between the 1940s and the 1970s; single family houses and duplexes made between the 1950s and the 1970s; and newer townhomes made within the last ten years.

There are very few large apartment complexes here and it is rare to find a brand new home.

By being centrally located with excellent access to Hwy 99 and downtown Seattle, demand for rental units is typically very strong and well-priced units tend to go fast.