Central/Madison Valley


The Central District is Seattle’s oldest surviving residential area. Since it was established in the mid-1880’s, it has enjoyed a unique cultural and architectural heritage. Throughout the last 130 years, the District has seen influxes of European, Japanese and Jewish immigrants, and most recently, African-Americans.

Half a century on from the historic Civil Rights struggles of the sixties, the Central District is home to people of all backgrounds. Among the District’s former residents are Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, and Jim Casey, the founder of UPS (the Ann E. Casey Family Foundation now resides less than a block away from his childhood home).


This four square-mile neighborhood lies directly between the Central Business District and Lake Washington. Its proximity to downtown makes it a great choice for people who prefer a walkable urban lifestyle. Residents of the Central District enjoy the neighborhood’s dynamism, convenient locale, and strong sense of community.

Several new apartment and mixed-use buildings have gone up in recent years, and a couple of well-kept parks with playgrounds make the area a viable option for families as well as professionals. Cultural landmarks like the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center and the Frye Art Museum reflect the District’s history, and community organizations put on neighborhood-wide events all year round.

Average Rent: $

Primary Housing:


Single-Family Homes

Small Apartment Buildings


Commute Times:

Downtown 10-15 minutes

Eastside 25 minutes

The Central District/Madison Valley area of Seattle continues to experience re-development and change. With its convenient central location and relatively affordable real estate, investors and local residents continue to gravitate to this area.

Rental housing primarily consists of single-family homes, small apartment buildings and numerous duplex and multiplex properties. The transformation that began in the 80's and continues today has resulted in many beautiful, remodeled homes interspersed with new construction. The east-facing hill that drops down into the valley provides great views for many of these homes. For those looking for more affordable rental housing in a location convenient to downtown, this area can be an excellent choice.