Capitol Hill

The charming Victorian mansions near Volunteer Park bring to the area a sense of prestige. Capitol Hill was home to wealthy timber barons, bankers, shipping magnates and nouveau riche from the Alaskan Gold Rush. It is rumored the neighborhood got its name when many people thought the state capitol would be here (Olympia received that honor).

Capitol Hill is well known for its main drag, Broadway, which is the hub of Capitol Hill’s commercial district. Businesses, eateries, fine dining, and specialty shops line both sides of Broadway and spice up Seattle with their variety, and at times, controversial themes.

Capitol Hill is a colorful neighborhood that is legendary in Seattle for attracting alternative crowds to its shops, eateries, and parades, while simultaneously catering to its traditional families that have lived in the neighborhood for years.

Fun Stuff
Theaters abound, both for movies and performing arts. There are also weekend street fairs and parades held on and around Broadway.  To experience a truly stunning view of the surrounding area, visit the top of the old water tower in Volunteer Park.  In addition to the water tower, Volunteer Park is offers an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Average Rent: $$$

Primary Housing:

Small Apartment Buildings

Medium Apartment Buildings


Single-Family Homes


Commute Times:

Downtown 5-10 minutes

Eastside 20 minutes

Capitol Hill offers the largest concentration of rental units in the Seattle area. Extensive apartment development occurred on Capitol Hill from the early 1900s through the middle of the century. As a result Capitol Hill also offers the greatest number of vintage buildings with brick exteriors and hardwood floors. Development continues in this area with new apartment, condominium and townhomes properties.

Demand for rental units on Capitol Hill is always high because of the vast array of property types, its close proximity to Downtown and it is the closest in-city location for the thousands of Microsoft and Eastside employees that wish to live in Seattle. This neighborhood offers a vibrant, alternative-rich living environment and as a result Capitol Hill, along with Queen Anne, is second only to the Downtown neighborhood as the most expensive in Seattle.

The highest concentration of apartment units is located between I-5 and Broadway. As the hill slopes west toward Downtown and Lake Union, many of these units offer extraordinary Downtown, Lake Union, Olympic Mountain and sunset views. Further east on Capitol Hill there is a large concentration of units around Broadway (Capitol Hill's main drag) and 15 Ave E (Capitol Hill's other retail center). This is also where you can find a large number of privately-owned condominiums and townhomes for rent. The north section of Capitol Hill, in the area around Volunteer Park, you will primarily find large single-family homes, many of which were built by Seattle's early-century wealthy. Occasionally homes do come available for rent in this area.